Access the Exact Cleanroom Cleaning Process Guide Professionals Use Every Day

Is your current cleanroom cleaning process jumbled and messy?  Have you been slapped with fines because your cleanroom wasn’t in compliance with the FDA’s requirements?

You're not alone – the cleanroom cleaning process is complex and thorough, and it's easy to miss a step.

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That’s why we at Pegasus took our years of expertise in the cleanroom industry and created the Cleanroom Cleaning Process Guide. We wanted our cleaning process to be:

  • Systematic
  • Repeatable
  • Consistent that our clients would never have to worry whether or not their cleanroom is safe and compliant.

Now, we want to share our process with you. Your Cleanroom Cleaning Process Guide covers:

Cleanroom Wall


Standard Training & Protocol

  • Recommended training for all cleanroom cleaning staff
  • Standard cleanroom protocol that our own staff follows


Process Checklist

  • A sample checklist to help you stick to a repeatable and consistent cleaning process


Supply Inventory List

  • A list of cleanroom supplies and equipment... the exact supplies we use every day