DO you have a return to work plan? 

Will your employees feel safe as occupancy levels increase?  

Providing a healthy and safe environment is essential as more facilities return to normal occupancy levels.

Our guide takes you through a multi-step approach, backed by experts, that is easy and simple to implement.

Ensure your employees and customers have peace of mind coming back to the office!

Build Your Back to Work Plan

Introducing the SuperiorCleanTM Program.

As facilities return to normal occupancy levels, providing peace of mind to employees and customers is essential. Standard cleaning services are no longer sufficient and Pegasus is committed to doing our part in keeping clean, healthy, and safe indoor environments.

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Preventative Decontamination

Our preventative decontamination used Hydrogen Peroxide spray fogging to fully decontaminate an enclosed space. It's quick, safe, and the most thorough method to ensure indoor areas are pathogen-free. 



Enhanced Disinfection

This is an ongoing, proactive approach that focuses on disinfecting high-touch surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, pantry areas, seating areas as well as routinely visited locations like restrooms.



Real-Time Data

Never be in the dark on the cleaning and disinfection schedule of your facility. Our PegAssure platform provides visibility on all disinfection workflows and scheduling data.